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As much as I love living in beautiful North Queensland unfortunately we are one of the worst places for car theft in the country. Most common methods of theft are breaking in and stealing the physical car keys so things like immobilisers etc are almost pointless. The theft is so bad that dogs, security cameras and sensor lights don’t phase them. I had a few people mention they run kill switches which I thought was a good idea also untill the day I read about cars being dragged onto a tow truck and driven away! Its almost unbelievable.

NEW data has revealed a sharp increase in the number of cars stolen in Townsville, with the Opposition labelling the city the car theft capital of Queensland. Data provided to the Townsville Bulletin from CarSafe shows vehicle theft in Townsville has increased 124.5 per cent in the 12 months to August. The data shows this is the biggest rise in Queensland, with 321 cars stolen, up from 143.

A lot of the cars stolen are automatic cars that can be taken for joyrides, however a lot of the manual cars seem to be being stolen by people who know what they are doing and can get money for hiding the vehicle, stripping it and selling the parts offline. HENCE why I have absolute piece of mind having the Sitecomm GPS tracker in my car. 

This little device provides me with 24/7 tracking of my car no matter where in Australia it goes. The best part about it I have found is that I can set up Geo-Fences and notifications, where I can draw a little box around my house and my work and then if Ol Boy leaves any of those locations I get a notification straight to my phone and/or email! I think this would be insanely handy if you had to store your car anywhere for a period of time. 

The app which is available for Apple and Android lets me see in real time where my car is exactly (Latitude and Longitude coordinates), how fast it is going and its altitude! Imagine dropping your car off at a mechanics and not have to worry about if theyre hooning around in it or racing it (I dont have this issue but Im sure people with actual fast cars might haha).

The tracker runs off the Australian 3G/4G network and all servers are Australian owned, which is rare to find in other GPS trackers. Alot of cheaper tracking devices may only have 2G which is no longer supported in Australia or they have overseas servers which could be shut down or blocked at any time.

The unit only needs 12V to run, a positive and a negative and its also Waterproof IP67 which is always reassuring in a 4wd! Another amazing feature is the device has the ability has an internal back up battery which can last up to 5 days! Plenty of time to inform the police and get your car back!

The initial cost of the unit is AUD $369 (at that time of writing this post) which includes 1 year of tracking and then after the 1 year the cost is $10 a month. Which is cheaper than Netflix and I definitely value my car far more than that! 


Overall I think it is such an invaluable item which can be put on anything of value that has 12V access, cars,boats, trailers, jetskis etc. The Australian support is incredible and any questions or concerns Ive had over the past few years the guys at Sitecomm have been easy to reach and provided incredible customer service everytime. Very happy!

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