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In 2010 I started sharing content online and then I never really stopped. After getting my first 4wd in 2011 the aim of my social media eventually grew into ‘inspiring & helping others through doing‘. I know when I first started out in the offroading industry there wasn’t alot of people to turn to. Some old forums, a few toxic Facebook groups or huge accounts that never replied. So I really just started doing what I wish someone had done when I first started out. Someone sharing their thoughts, decisions, reviews, answering questions, being present and overall just a relatable human being!

My own interest in offroading and mechanics was sparked from watching friends build up their own 4wds and now I’ve made it my career. Seeing someone out there giving it a go is sometimes all that is needed to spark a passion and get a person thinking, “hey, I could do that” instead of “ill never be able to do that”.

My passion for 4wds grew so quickly in 2014 I actually called it quits at the end of studying at Uni and I now work full time as Heavy Vehicle Mechanic. Maybe not the smartest decision, HECS debt wasn’t fun, but I wouldn’t change it. I found a real interest in learning how things work, come together and how it all results in some kind of capability. I now have two trades and hope to venture back into study one day. It’s certainly never too late to completely change your mind and that goes for anything!

My online content today revolves around my adventures with my family, our cars and my beautiful Australian Koolie, Mars. On this website you will find all my up to date links including any discount codes, my calender of upcoming events and possibly soon some merch! Anyway, hope to get a chance to catch up with you all one day!

Danie, OlBoy & Mars x

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