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Hello and congrats on finding my website! You can navigate the website using the menu options above and hopefully you enjoy your stay! The Blog page is where you will find all my write ups on products I use, destinations and just general thoughts! You can also check out the Shop page if you would love some Ol’boy merch of your own, be sure to tag me in your posts! Below you will find my main social media channels or you can click on the links at the bottom of any page


Since moving out of home at 17, I have moved about 10 times over those 10 years! So Instagram has been almost a portable home for me, a constant in my life through all the changes. It has introduced me to so many wonderful people and connected me with some incredible companies from all over the world. I am very grateful for all the good that has come from building such an amazing online community.

My Instagram has grown with me and so too has the content I post and the products I share. What 21year old broke Uni student Danie thought was amazing quality in a product most likely wouldn’t be my thoughts today. As I have grown, as my vehicle has grown, so too has my standards for good quality gear. I have now owned my 4wd for over a decade and comparing things Ive never replaced to the things I’ve replaced going on four times, really puts into perspective how important the quality of a product is.

Below you can click to head to my Instagram page. It is where I am every day, I read every single message and try to reply to each one. So any questions you have shoot me through a message!

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In 2018 I started a YouTube channel to better explain and detail my modifications. After an unfortunate year in 2020, not being able to produce the videos I would have liked I was inundated with people messaging or coming up to me in person asking one thing… “When will we see you on YouTube again!”. It wasn’t really untill then that I realised just how many people genuinely connected through YouTube. So therefore YouTube is currently where majority of my time and effort is going. Being able to share our stories through media and instantly share those stories across the world still blows me away!

Below are some recent videos you can click to watch, or click here to head to my YouTube Channel. Be sure to Subscribe and click the Bell icon so you don’t miss the next upload!

In 2020, when the world slowed down, I started a TikTok account and found myself pleasantly surprised by the shear amount I learned on there. As much as TikTok cops a lot of backlash for being an immature platform, I found a lot of relatable, genuine people creating on there. I noticed the content was less structured and forced when compared to YouTube which made for really relatable videos. I am looking forward to doing more live streams on TikTok and more short style videos of our adventures!

Below are some recent videos you can click to watch, or click here to head to my TikTok Channel. Be sure to Follow so you don’t miss the next upload!

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